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Great Southwestern Fire & Safety

Heavy Industrial, Power Generation, Mining, Natural gas, Alternative power sources, Water Treatment

"Your Safety is our Business"

Great Southwestern Fire & Safety has over forty year of expertise and knowledge to assist you with your fire protection needs. Our sales, estimating and design staff are knowledgeable and talented individuals that specialize in helping customers in various fire protection, gas detection, and mass notification project needs. We have professionals that specialize in heavy industrial, mining, utilities, oil and gas fire protection and system integration needs. Our teams has the ability to help during all stages of a project from conceptual design and budget estimating, to installation and project management. We can support you as consultants, with architects, engineers, insurance underwriters and local building authorities.

Great Southwestern Fire & Safety provides design and installation for specialized systems for a wide range of industrial applications. GSF provides the appropriate fire protection and detection strategies within critical infrastructure to preserve the operational efficiency of our clients business. Fires in industrial plants and off shore platforms can have extreme financial and safety consequences. With the use of GSF's advanced fire suppression and detection technologies the risk is greatly diminished. Our Designers, technicians and project managers have years of experience working directly with these types of applications. With regulations frequently changing, it is vital to have an experienced fire protection partner providing the most up-to-date fire protection solutions for heavy industry. Let Great Southwestern Fire & Safety be your one call service provider for all your fire life safety needs.

• Fire Alarm

• Fire Sprinkler

• Fire Extinguisher

• Mass Notification Solutions

• Gas Detection Systems

• Aspirating Smoke Detection Systems

• Linear Heat Detection System

• Special Hazard Suppression Systems

• Design, Installation, Service and Inspections

Providing Solutions to Industrial Clients in the State of Texas

• Aircraft Hangars

• Automotive, including paint spray booths

• Clean Room/Semi Conductor

• Engine Test Cells

• Hazardous storage

• Heavy Industry

• Manufacturing - Chemical, Process Equipment, Critical Process Tools, for example: CNC machines, Wave Solder, Wet Bench, Printing equipment

• Mining

• Process Control Rooms

• Petro/Chemical

• Power Generation/Transmission

• Refineries

• Turbine and generator enclosures

• Warehousing, Specialty Storage, Flammable Liquid Storage, Hazmat Storage

• Warehousing, Refrigerated Storage

• ... and more

Our solutions include:


  • Wheelock® Fire and Security Notification Appliances and Devices
  • MEDC Explosion Proof and Hazardous Location Devices
  • SAFEPATH In-Building MNS
  • WAVES Outdoor Wide-Area MNS and Mobile Speaker Arrays for Disaster Relief
  • RSAN Distributed Recipient MNS (Voice Calls, SMS/text and email messages, pagers, and desktop notifications)