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How to put your fire alarm system monitoring on TEST!

First this is where you can find the phone number.

Look on the Fire Alarm panel door either inside or out for a our service sticker. This will have your monitoring account number and the phone number. Call the number on the tag to put your system on test. You will need the account information on the tag for the monitoring company operator. With the account number the operator can find and verify your information.

If you can't get in the panel or find your tag, here is the number 1-800-683-6773. You can use your pass code to identify yourself to the operator.

If you don't have a pass code or the account number you can call our 24hr service number and have one of our oncall technicians call and assist you.  That number is (214)-653-1100.

Let the operator know how long you need your system on test.

CAUTION: the test time will expire based on the time you give the operator. When the test time expires your system will be live again and the fire department will be dispatched.

Note: that while your fire alarm system is on test it can still sound locally.

While  the system is on test the fire department will not be notified in the event of a fire.

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