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Public transportation industry

The transportation industry is increasingly vulnerable to public safety risks. One of the greatest challenges is to protect passengers, employees, infrastructure, and assets against the multiple threats we face today. Airports, bus stations, and train stations are all comprised of outdoor and indoor facilities such as terminals, trams, underground passageways, parking areas, buildings, luggage and storage facilities. These public facilities face a wide range of security and safety issues that must be taken in to consideration, fire safety and communication or just a few of these challenges. Public transportation facilities pose special challenges: crowds, high ceilings, large open areas, and long distances to emergency exit routes.

• Preventing and/or responding to acts of terrorism

• Weather related emergencies

• Fire, explosions, traffic accidents, traffic control

• Evacuating occupants in a timely and efficient manner or sheltering in place

• Monitoring and controlling multiple life safety systems

• Communicating to first responders

Great Southwestern Fire & Safety can help design and deploy technology to manage these security, safety, and communication challenges.

In order to protect lives and property in the public transportation industry , it is vital to quickly detect, locate, verify, communicate and contain any threat.

 We offer the following services:

•Fire Alarm

• Fire Sprinkler

• Fire Extinguisher

• Mass Notification Solutions

• Gas Detection Systems

• Aspirating Smoke Detection Systems

• Linear Heat Detection System

• Special Hazard Suppression Systems

• Design, Installation, Service and Inspections