When the fixed temperature release (1) is activated by fire pressure in the release system escapes from the open device allowing the pneumatic actuator to open. The release pressure from the priming chamber of the deluge valve (2) allowing the valve to open. Water flows in to the system piping (3) and to the alarm device, pressurizing the pressure switch to activate an electric alarm and operating a mechanical water motor alarm. Water flows from all open sprinklers or nozzles (4). When the deluge valve operates is a pressurized closed, closing the supply of water to the priming chamber latching the deluge valve in the open position.

High Expansion Foam & AFFF Fire Sprinkler Systems

High Expansion Foam Concentrate and water are mixed in the correct proportion by various methods to form a foam solution. This solution flows to the High Expansion Foam Generator (HEFG) with a water powered motor. It is then discharged through a nozzle onto a fine mesh stainless steel screen. A rotating fan (powered by the water motor) in the generator forces large volumes of air through the stainless steel screen as the foam solution is sprayed onto it. The air mixes with the foam solution to form a large discharging mass of stable bubbles at a rate of up to 940 gallons of expanded foam for each gallon of foam solution. This clean highly expanded foam mass quickly fills large areas flowing around obstacles and flooding every void smothering the fire quickly and effectively.

The output of a High Expansion Foam Generator (HEFG) in a fixed installation depends on which generator is selected. These generators are available in a wide output range (in cubic feet per minute) at various foam solution inlet pressures. When multiple units are used an almost limitless output can be achieved. The HEFS is suitable for use for fire extinction of solid fuel or flammable liquid fires in areas where the expanded foam can be contained.


· Ship holds
· Aircraft hangars
· Hazardous material/waste storage areas
· Flammable liquid packaging areas
· Flammable liquid drum storage
· Warehouse areas such as: Rolled paper, tire storage, in rack storage of combustible materials and boat storage

High Expansion Foam Systems have been installed as added protection for Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) facilities where it is used as a fire suppressant and for controlling vapors released from an accidental LNG spill. Blanketing spills with High Expansion Foam is an effective method for reducing and controlling fire intensity and decreasing LNG vapor generation.

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