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mass notification Services for Schools Pre K-12, Colleges and Universities

Nearly all schools have a school cafeteria, food court or dining hall with a commercial-grade kitchen. No matter how big or small or new or old, school kitchens are just like any other commercial kitchen and present the risk of starting a fire. We install, inspect and maintain Kitchen Hood Fire Suppression Systems.

As important as it is to have your kitchen fire suppression system inspected at code required intervals, it also as important to have it cleaned. A dirty hood not only causes a sanitary problem it also can cause a flash fire that can overcome the fire suppression system. In extreme cases it severely damages the hood and duct work leading to an uncontrollable fire. That is why Great Southwestern Fire & Safety offers both of these critical services.

Great Southwestern Fire & Safety provides comprehensive fire extinguisher services, from sales and installation, to annual testing, maintenance, and eventual replacement. We can handle orders of any size, whether you need only a few for a small portable building or more than a hundred for a large college campus. We're also a full service shop and if needed we can perform hydrostatic testing on your fire extinguishers.

Our NICET-certified fire sprinkler inspection technicians provide

complete, end-to-end service, from maintenance, repair, and replacement for all types of fire sprinkler components, including but not limited to

• wet-pipe systems

• dry-pipe systems

• pre-action systems

• deluge sprinkler systems

• fire pumps

Great Southwestern Fire & Safety provides professional consulting , fire alarm system. design and installation for all types of buildings.

Our NICET-certified engineering technicians can ensure that your school, dorm or educational facility is equipped with a code compliant fire safety system Our Licensed Technicians can install, inspect and maintain fire alarm and mass notification systems

If you need consulting for a new fire protection system or mass notification system, 
inspection, maintenance or service
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Great Southwestern Fire & Safety has the experience, resources and products to help you with your fire protection needs. We're a full-service Fire Life Safety Systems installation, and maintenance firm, with systems specialized for the Pre-K-12, and Higher Education facilities.

For over 40 years, Great Southwestern Fire & Safety has been a source for fire life safety systems in Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex. Whether it’s your fire alarm, fire extinguishers , fire sprinkler, kitchen hood fire suppression system or all of the above, Great Southwestern Fire & Safety can service, test, inspect and repair your current fire protection systems, or we can help design and install a new system. We at GSF are determined to make our schools a safe place for our students, teachers, and families by providing innovative mass notification solutions to help guard against extreme weather and terroristic threats.

Great Southwestern Fire & Safety distributes some of the highest quality manufactures in the fire protection industry.

This advantage gives our company the ability to offer our customers advanced, quality and sustainable solutions that will serve our customers for years to come.

Fire Protection/ mass notification Services for Schools Pre K-12, Colleges and Universities