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Dallas/Fort Worth businesses have trusted Great Southwestern Fire & Safety with their fire protection needs for over 40 years. We are able to handle your entire fire protection system project. GSF will design, permit, install, inspect, service and monitor your fire protection systems. Our team has extensive knowledge of local codes and regulations and will design your system to the Authority Having Jurisdiction requirements. Rules can be very different from jurisdiction to jurisdiction so it is important to have an expert guide you through the process. However, as is often the case, you may have additional requirements over and above the Authority Having Jurisdiction requirements. GSF will work with you to design a system to meet your needs in the most cost effective way possible.

Whether you are updating an old system or installing a new one Great Southwestern Fire & Safety can guide you through the process.

Once the system is installed, you can trust Great Southwestern Fire & Safety to monitor and service your fire protection systems, 24/7. From installation of a system or tenant build-out, to monitoring, inspections and maintenance Great Southwestern Fire & Safety is here to ensure your lives, property and investment are well protected.

Our fire protection services include, but are not limited to:

• System Design & Consulting

• Tennant Build-outs

• Fire Alarm Retro-Fits

• Fire Sprinkler Systems

• Fire Pumps

• Backflow Preventers

• Test and Inspections

• Upgrades to wireless radio, IP-DACT and or cellular to replace dedicated telephone lines

• Conventional or addressable fire alarm systems service

• Voice Evacuation Systems • Sprinkler monitoring and inspections

• Fire pump monitoring and inspections

• Fire Suppression system installation and inspections

• Underwriters Laboratories (UL) listed, local Central Station for fire alarm monitoring

• Network, Voice Over IP, Distributed recipient and Mass Notification systems.

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